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For details of customer facilities on Rugby station, click here.

A plan showing the layout of Rugby station at both ground and platform levels is available here.


Ticket gates at Rugby station

The new automatic ticket gates at Rugby station are now in use, along with some additional ticket vending machines.  Whenever the ticket gates are closed, Welcome Hosts will be available to help passengers through the gates.

For those who wish to pass through the station subway rather than use the Mill Road tunnel, you will need to ask one of the Welcome Hosts, who are situated by the ticket gates, for a "Just passing" card which will allow you to use the subway as previously.



Seat reservations are available on all Virgin Trains services, but not on London Midland. Seat reservations will be provided automatically free of charge when booking advance tickets for journeys on Virgin Trains. They can also be booked when using off-peak and anytime tickets on Virgin Trains and are also free of charge, but will not necessarily be provided unless the customer asks for them.


Seat reservations for season ticket holders


Commuters on Virgin trains who reserve their seats in advance must use the latest version of the form provided for this purpose. On this form it is now only possible to reserve seats for four weeks at a time, instead of five as previously.

Copies of the new form are available from Rugby station. For RRUG members, it can also be downloaded from the News section of the Members' area of this website.

Please do not use any previous versions of the form, which have spaces for five weeks or more, as these forms will no longer be accepted.

Park your bicycle securely (posted 12.03.15)

The British Transport Police (BTP) have asked that cyclists leaving their bicycles at Rugby station should park them securely. In particular, cyclists are asked to • use a good quality securing device, and • use only the cycle storage on platforms 2 and 4, and not use the rack at the front of the station. A good quality securing device is one which cannot be easily cut through with bolt cutters. As a rough guide, the securing device should cost at least 10% of the value of the bicycle.

The cycle rack at the front of the station is the greatest cause of crime around the station. It has no CCTV coverage and is poorly illuminated at night. As a result, it is very easy for bicycles to be stolen from this rack undetected and there are several unresolved crimes relating to thefts from this area. There are far fewer instances of cycle theft from platforms 2 and 4 which have much better surveillance, and the offenders concerned have nearly all been apprehended and charged.

So if you want your bicycle to still be there when you come to collect it, please follow the above guidance from our local transport police.


Trouble on the trains or stations? - phone or text the BTP (posted 13.03.15)

The British Transport Police (BTP) have a number with which you can use your mobile phone to text and discreetly report incidents on trains or stations. So if you become aware of an incident such as anti-social behaviour or vandalism, and this does not require an emergency response, you can discreetly text the details to 61016 and the BTP will respond to the incident. Remember to include in your text the station or train affected.

For incidents that require an immediate response you should continue to dial 999.

The discreet text scheme was launched in March 2013 and is considered to be a great success.

Station car parking facilities (updated 12.09.16)

The following arrangements apply to the three station car parks run by Virgin Trains.

There is a multi-storey car park off Mill Road. It has spaces for 496 cars, including designated bays for the disabled. There are a further 38 parking spaces outside of the building. Lifts are available to all levels.

Ground level parking is available in car parks 1 and 2, at the front of the station.

All station car parks are barriered pay on foot car parks. Ticket machines have been installed at the two station entrances. There are no ticket machines within the car parks - all users must go to the station to pay.

The current daily  rates at the Virgin Trains car parks are £9 all day Monday to Friday, £4 on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.   Daily charges end at 03.00. Cars parked overnight will be charged for two days.  Monthly, 3-monthly and annual rates are also available, which are now cheaper for rail season ticket holders. Full details are available from the details for Rugby on the National Rail website, click on "Getting to and from the station".

For alternative car parking facilities around the station, see separate item below.


Car parking around Rugby station (updated 15.10.20)

As well as the official station car parks, additional parking options around Rugby station are as follows:

  • Mill Road parking - about 50 yards from the rear (Mill Road) entrance to the station, monitored by ANPR cameras. We understand the daily charge is now £5 on Mondays to Fridays, £2 at weekendsYou can also park here free for up to 20 minutes.  While this is primarily intended for collecting parcels from the adjacent postal sorting office, it might also allow a quick visit the station to make a travel enquiry if the ticket office is not busy.
  • There is also  a temporary 'Euro' car park  at the bottom of Railway Terrace on the old Myson House car park site at £3 a day Monday to Friday, £1 a day at weekends.
  • Park on-street beyond the residents only zone - about 700 yards away - FreeCar parking in Technology Drive is no longer permitted as this is now a designated double yellow line area.

Bus links to the town centre (updated 10.08.21)

Special notice

Bus services to and from Rugby station are currently reduced because of the Coronavirus pandemic.  For full details see the Stagecoach Midlands coronavirus update pagePlease note that you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page for bus services in Rugby.


Bus links to the town centre
This information is correct from Saturday 14 August 2021

The frequencies and timetable links shown below do not apply at present.  For services currently operating, see the Stagecoach Midlands coronavirus update page.

The most frequent service between the rail station and Rugby town centre is provided by bus route 4, which runs via Murray Road and Clifton Road. From the station to the town centre, it stops in Murray Road just above the entrance to car park No. 2. From the town centre to the rail station, it stops in North Street opposite the Clock Tower.   Bus route 4 currently operates a special Covid service running every 20 minutes every day of the week.  The currently suspended normal service runs at the following frequencies:

Monday to Friday until 18.00

Every 15 minutes

Monday to Friday between 18.00 and 20.00

Every 20/30 minutes

Saturday until 18.00

Every 15 minutes

Saturday between 18.00 and 20.00

Every 20/30 minutes

Saturday evening

Every 65 minutes

Sunday daytime

Every 20 minutes

There is no Sunday evening service

For the full timetable see the Stagecoach timetable for route 4.   

Additional less frequent services are also provided as follows:

Bus routes 1 and 2 which between them run every 30 minutes daytime on Mondays to Saturdays. . Route 1 and 2 buses serve the station stop in Murray Road, then run via Craven Road, Railway Terrace and Regent Place to the town centre, where they stop at the bottom end of North Street. See the Stagecoach timetable for routes 1 and 2.

Bus routes 86 and 96, which also run every 30 minutes between them on Mondays to Saturdays.  Route 86 and 96 buses follow the same route into town as route 4.



Bus links to other parts of Rugby (posted 10.08.21)

This information is correct from Saturday 14 August 2021

There are now regular bus links from the railway station to most parts of Rugby.  These are as follows (frequencies are Monday to Saturday off-peak):

Bilton / Cawston                        Route 4                 every 20 minutes
Brownsover                               Route 4                 every 20 minutes
Central Park                              Routes 1 & 2          combined service every 30 minutes
Elliotts Field Retail Park            Routes 2 & 4          route 2 every hour, route 4 every 20 minutes
Hillmorton / Lower Hillmorton   Routes 1 & 2           combined service every 30 minutes
Houlton                                     Routes 86 & 96      combined service every 30 minutes
New Bilton / Long Lawford        Route 86                every hour.  Additional buses operate Town Centre - Long Lawford


Buses serving Rugby rail station (updated 10.08.21)

This information is correct from Saturday 14 August 2021.

The following bus routes serve Rugby station:

1  Central Park - Boughton Road  - Rail station - Town Centre - Hillmorton - Lower Hillmorton. Every hour.

2  Central Park - Elliotts Field - Rail station - Town Centre - Hillmorton - Lower Hillmorton. Every hour. 

4  Brownsover - Elliotts Field - Rail Station - Town Centre - Bilton - Admirals Estate - Cawston Grange. Regular service, normally up to every 15 minutes, every 20 minutes during the pandemic..

63  Rugby Rail Station - town centre - Dunchurch - Southam - Leamington.  Journeys to and from the Rail Station run on Sundays only.

86 DIRFT - Houlton - Rail Station - Town Centre - Long Lawford - Wolston - Coventry.  Every hour from Rugby station,  every 30 minutes Town Centre to Coventry.

96 Northampton - Long Buckby - West Haddon - Crick - Houlton -Rail Station - Town Centre.  Every hour.

D1  Crick /DIRFT - Hillmorton - Town Centre - Rail Station - Brownsover.  Occasional early morning and late journeys, plus some Sunday journeys.

Full timetables for all bus services in the Rugby area are available from the Warwickshire County Council bus services website.

All fares from Rugby (updated 13.06.16)

To see a complete list of all fares from Rugby, including their availability, go to the BR Fares website. By typing in the start and end of your journey, this will show you all season ticket rates, return fares and single fares (in that order).  By clicking on the fare itself, you will then be shown the travel restrictions which apply to that fare.

Please note, however, that Advance tickets are subject to quota restrictions and once the quota for a particular train has been sold, no more tickets of that type will be available.

It is not possible to book tickets through this site, but it does provide the only comprehensive list of all fares available.


Unofficial cheap ticket sites (posted 06.04.17)

There are some unofficial websites offering cheap ticketing, for example by using split ticketing. Click on the appropriate heading below to open the link.


This website claims to use algorithms to find the cheapest fares.  There are no booking fees or credit / debit card charges.

Split ticketing

This website uses split ticketing (only) to find cheaper rail fares.



Validity of off-peak tickets on Virgin Trains (updated 15.06.15)

The validity of off-peak tickets on Virgin Trains between Rugby and London is as follows:

Mondays to Fridays

To London

06.03, 10.23 and all subsequent trains to end of service.

From London

10.03 and all trains up to 14.03, then 19.03 and all subsequent trains to end of service.

Saturdays and Sundays

Off-peak tickets are valid on all trains in either direction.


Annual season ticket fares

You can calculate your own season ticket fare by entering the relevant details on National Rail's season ticket calculator.


Travel in First Class accommodation with a standard class ticket (updated 26.10.16)

The National Rail Conditions of Travel, which set out the conditions under which tickets are issued and their use, make it clear that you cannot travel in First Class accommodation with a Standard Class ticket unless the on-train staff have previously given you permission. This applies even if all Standard Class seats are taken. Although Train Managers are allowed to use their discretion and declassify some First Class seats when Standard Class is full, they will not do this if the First Class accommodation is also full or likely to become full later in the journey.This means therefore that if you are travelling on a Standard Class ticket and you sit in First Class for whatever reason, you will be changed the difference between the two fares, or a penalty fare where appropriate, unless the Train Manager has authorised this before you make the move.

The full National Rail Conditions of Travel are available to download here.


Family & Friends railcard holders who also hold a season ticket (posted 28.07.10)

A Customer may present both a Family & Friends Railcard and an Annual Season Ticket and purchase a Child’s discounted price ticket if the journey is over the route covered by the Season ticket. The customer would therefore use their Annual Season Ticket for travel on this journey. Should the customer’s journey deviate from the route of their Annual Season Ticket, further tickets should be purchased for the adult and child as usual. If a customer shows a Season Ticket valid for less than one year, the customer cannot use their Season Ticket for the journey. The customer must buy both a discounted priced ticket for their use and for a child or children.


Using a combination of tickets (updated 15.04.17)

Sometimes there will be occasions when you already have a ticket for part of your journey, but wish to travel further than your ticket allows. In these circumstances you can buy another ticket for the additional part of the journey, provided certain conditions are met.

If it is a season ticket, travelcard, rover or ranger ticket, you can buy a ticket which is valid for the additional part of the journey. You can travel on any train (provided both tickets are valid) without the train having to stop at the station where you change from one ticket to another.

If it is any other type of ticket, you can again buy a ticket which is valid for the additional part of the journey. However, in this case you must travel on a train which calls at the station where you change from one ticket to the other. This applies in both directions if you are making a return journey.

If you do not comply with these conditions you will be treated as having no ticket and charged accordingly.

You can download the full National Rail Conditions of Travel here.  See Regulation 14 on page 13 - "Using a combination of tickets".

The above arrangements also apply to "split ticketing", where a customer buys a combination of tickets to save money on the normal throughout fare. If you do this, you must travel on trains which call at the station(s) where you change from one ticket to another. You will also be subject to the travel restrictions which apply to each individual ticket, rather than those for the throughout journey..


Through bookings to Europe via Eurostar (posted 15.12.09)

Through bookings are available from Rugby and many other National Rail stations via Eurostar services to selected destinations in France, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

Eurostar services run from London St Pancras International, which is approximately 10 minutes walk from Euston station, eastwards along the Euston Road. The minimum check-in time for Eurostar services is 30 minutes, so remember to include this when planning your journey.

Tickets can be ordered by phone from the Eurostar Contact Centre, telephone 08705 186 186, or on-line from the Eurostar website, with ticket collection from the station where you start your journey.

For further details see the Eurostar website.


Delay/repay compensation scheme for London Midland (posted 01.12.09)

London Midland operate a compensation scheme for delays. Under the 'Delay/Repay' scheme, passengers will receive compensation as follows:

  • For delays of between 30 and 59 minutes: 50% of the cost of a single ticket or either portion of a return ticket
  •  For delays of between 60 and 119 minutes: 100% of the cost of a single ticket or either portion of a return ticket
  • For delays of over 120 minutes: 100% of the cost of a return ticket.

Season ticket holders will get a proportional refund based on the above and the period of the season ticket. Refunds on season tickets must be claimed on each occasion - there will be no automatic refund when the ticket becomes renewable.To claim a refund, complete an on-line Delay/Repay compensation form.  This requires you to attach a scan of your ticket.

If you are unable scan your ticket, download a PDF version of the delay repay form, and send to: Customer Relations London Midland FREEPOST MID 17926 Birmingham B2 4QT

Compensation up to £40 will normally be paid as National Rail vouchers, which can be redeemed for any type of rail ticket including season tickets. Claimes exceeding £40 will normally be paid by cheque.

Please note that these arrangements apply only to journeys on London Midland. Compensation arrangements for travel on Virgin Trains remain unaltered.

Steam trains at Rugby (posted 11.11.15)

Occasional steam trains run through Rugby.  These are special charter trains, and details can be found from the UK steam railtours website.  This photo shows steam locomotive No. 46233 'Duchess of Sutherland' at Rugby on 22nd November 2014.



Rugby station area track plan (posted 01.12.09)

RRUG members can see a diagram of the track layout in the Rugby station area by going to the Members' area.